Can apps better understand our goals?


Human Assisted Intelligence (HAI)

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HAI is working on helpful software for managing and communicating what we'd like to get done.

Set Goals

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Set goals for yourself or your company.

Measure Progress

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Capture data to learn about yourself and your company.

Stronger Relationships

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As your learn about yourself and your friends and customers, better communicate and collaborate.



  • Set and track goals
  • 1 user context per account

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Fee per month

  • multiple contexts
  • share with other users
  • data import and export

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Fee per volume

  • large datasets and knowledge tools
  • share with public
  • advanced administration, analytics, and reporting

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Fees will be paid via subscription. Billing will remain simple, and as new features are added, the pricing for existing features stay the same, where possible, and new features will be added for free.


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